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How To Do Hard Soft Reset Roku

Roku devices often come across issues like sudden freezing and operating errors. Performing a hard and soft reset of Roku can resolve the hard-soft reset Roku errors to a greater extent.

Here are some of the easy and the simple steps you can follow to hard and soft reset your Roku device.

Soft reset is nothing but the method of restarting your Roku device like the Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere+ and a few more. You can activate your Roku by linking your Roku.com/link code.

How to perform a soft reset using your Roku device

Press the home button on your remote five times, up button one time and the rewind button two times. The method is common for all the Roku models.

To perform hard soft Reset for newer models

  • If you are using the Roku devices like Roku 4, Roku premiere, and Roku Ultra, then here is how you can perform the hard-soft reset.
  • Go to the home screen and then choose the Settings> System>Power >system Restart
  • For the old models of Roku devices, the procedure will slightly change. The reset button is provided at the back or the bottom of the device (older models). Press the button and then release it after one second. Your Roku device will now be automatically reset.
  • If the above troubleshooting steps don’t work, perform a powerful (Disconnect the power cord and then plug in back)

Hard reset

Hard reset will clear all the settings of your Roku device and you can reset the device to the factory settings.

How to perform HARD reset for the newer models of Roku devices.

If you prefer using the newer models of Roku devices, Go to System> Settings >Advanced settings> factory reset. Once you press the factory reset option, it clears all your data and restores the default settings.

How to perform the Hard reset for older models of your Roku devices.

The first step is to remove all the cables except the power cord. The reset button is located at the back or the bottom of the device. You can now release the Reset button and then plug the power cord back to the Roku device.

Hard reset is now done and your Roku device will walk through the set process again.

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