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How to Setup Your Roku Ultra with go.roku.com/ultra


The go.roku.com/ultra is designed to provide you with guidance for optimum usage of your Roku Ultra. The device made its debut during October 2016 and is one of the best streaming products available on the market. It aims at an excellent and flawless performance. The new version of the Roku ultra has marvellous performance. Significantly, it is available at an affordable price. It is very easy to setup the Roku Ultra device. Read further, to know how it to set up Roku Ultra.

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  • The 4k support is efficient with well-roundedUSB port, microSD card slot.
  • It supports voice remote with headphone jack.
  • The 4K is brilliant with HD streaming.
  • Amazing 4K and vibrant HDR picture quality, with the right colour rush to our senses.
  • Experience the Quad-core processor which gives good and enhanced

How to set up your Roku Ultra?

  • Visit go.roku.com/ultra to know more about connecting the Roku ultra-device to your TV.
  • While connecting the device, check the HDMI port for connection.
  • Always opt for High-speed HDMI Cable.
  • Once you connect the player using the HDMI cables, insert the Batteries
  • Now, connect the cable to an electric socket.
  • Check if your correct TV output has been used for the connection.
  • Choose a comfortable language which shall let you understand the activation instructions on the screen.
  • While you are activating, connect the device to internet from the list of available networks.
  • Keep the network credentials ready and refer to go.roku.com/ultra to sign in with your password.
  • When the device connects for the first time, download the available update
  • Create an individual account which is nothing but a compilation of all your preferences.
  • For completing the activation process (Roku.com/link), you can complete it by linking the player to the TV.
  • A special code is flashed, which should be copied on the browser.
  • This ultimately links the TV to your device, post which, you can start streaming.

go.roku.com/ultra helps you to setup your Roku Ultra. It gives you detailed information on player setup, activation, and troubleshooting. They can help you to troubleshoot any streaming issues or any general queries on Roku ultra. Furthermore, for any information visit our website at www.go-roku.com

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