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Roku Streaming Stick Setup – Go.roku.com/rssplus

Roku Streaming Stick go.roku.com/rssplus

Go.roku.com/rssplus will help you in setting up the streaming device which can be used on the go.

Roku streaming devices turn any TV into a smart TV. All most majority of Roku’s streaming devices can be connected using the HDMI port. The Roku streaming stick can supports picture resolution of up to 1080p. Setting up the Roku streaming stick is very easy.

What comes with the Roku device?

  • The Roku streaming stick dongle.
  • A point anywhere remote.
  • Two AAA batteries.
  • A USB power cable.
  • A USB electrical socket adapter.

Will Roku streaming stick plus work for any TV?

  • The answer is YES. It will work for any TV that has an HDMI connection and you can connect it directly to the TV’s HDMI port.
  • You can also get an external HDMI connector in case your streaming stick did not fit into the TV’s HMDI port.

How to set up Roku streaming stick plus (go.roku.com/rssplus):

  • You can check out for the video guide available at roku.com/rss plus or you can download the Quickstart Guide.
  • Make sure you select the correct input port where you have inserted your Roku streaming plus device.
  • You should be able to see the Roku logo on your TV screen when you’re Roku streaming stick (Roku.com/link) + Turns on.

There are several steps to setting up the Streaming Stick

  1. Choose the Language:
  • After your Roku streaming stick powers on, the first screen you will see on your TV is the language selection screen. Choose your desired language. Make sure you select it correctly as all the text and the dialog boxes will be displayed in the language you select.
  • You can browse through the entire language list and select your language and press the OK button on your Roku remote to confirm your language selection.
  1. Network and internet connection:
  • Choose your wireless network name from the list of networks available. You will have to enter the password. Enter the password of your wireless network. In case you do not see your network name listed, then select Scan again to see all networks.
  • Use Show password in case you won’t see the password you are typing. This will help you in typing the right password as they are case sensitive. Be very careful when you enter the password.
  • After you enter the password correctly click on connect. Your Roku streaming stick plus (go.roku.com/rssplus) will automatically connect your network. If you have trouble in connecting your streaming stick to your wireless network you can search for unable to connect to your wireless network on roku.com/rssplus.
  • Click on Auto Detect Display Type and based on your HDMI connection your Roku streaming stick plus will provide the resolution. Make sure you set the Roku streaming stick plus choose the best resolution for you by selecting on OK, Go automatically.
  • Provide your Roku account details linked with your streaming device to activate the Roku streaming stick plus.

Learn all about the Roku streaming stick plus at our website www.go-roku.com. Provided on the go.roku.com/rssplus page to call us for any additional queries.

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