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The go.roku.com/paymenthelp will provide you the reason for providing the payment details when you create a Roku account.

After you create a Roku account, provide your payment method and payment details. Do you want to know why you have to provide the payment details?


Roku account will have the details of streaming devices you own and the details of the channels you have stored. It also stores the preferences and the settings you have saved.

Note: Creating a Roku account is absolutely free.

Why do you provide payment details?

  • After you create a Roku account you will be prompted to provide the payment method
  • After you choose the desired payment method it will be linked to your Roku account
  • With roku.com/paymenthelp, you can purchase subscriptions to your favorite channels
  • You can also rent, buy or download your favorite movies, TV shows, etc
  • You can also make other purchase from your Roku channel store


  • You can change the Payment methods whenever you want. This will not have anything to do with your Roku account. Only your payment details will be changed and it gets reflected in your Roku account.
  • After adding a new payment method, you will only be charged additionally when you make some purchase such as subscriptions, renting, or buying movies or TV shows, or if you make any purchase on Roku channel store

Refer to go.roku.com/paymenthelp to add or update the Payment method

To add or update your payment information:

  • Visit roku.com from your computer or smartphones.
  • If you are prompted, provide your Roku account details.
  • Click on Update under the Payment Method
  • Complete all the fields in case you are updating. You will have to re-enter all the details of credit card number, full name, address and phone number.
  • Click on submit to complete updating the payment details.

You will have trouble updating the payment visit go.roku.com/paymenthelp for information and do the following:

  • Check if you have entered the credit card details correctly.
  • Use a different card and try if that card works.
  • If you are using PayPal, try using that.
  • Try using a different web browser as some web browsers might not support certain cookies.
  • For further assistance, contact our customer care executives in case the problem still persists.

Removing you Payment information:

  • Visit Roku com link from your computer or your smartphone.
  • If you are prompted, provide your Roku account details.
  • Under Payment method, click on Update.
  • Click on Remove payment method at the bottom of the page.

Go.roku.com/paymenthelp can provide you further assistance on problems regarding payment updating. Visit our website at go-roku.com

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