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Low Power Warning? Refer to go.roku.com/lowpower


Follow steps given at go.roku.com/lowpower when you encounter a low power warning message on your Roku player.

Roku streaming player and Roku streaming stick can be given power connection by connecting to the USB port of the TV. However, the power supplied by these USB ports will not be sufficient to supply the required power to these devices.  Despite that, your Roku device will be running. But it can lead to instability and crashing of the device.

There are two indicators for low power – a flashing red light on the device and a message on your TV.

Red light flashing:

  • Most of the Roku devices (Roku.com/link) have a red light on the front of the device.
  • When the Roku device is functioning properly with a proper power supply then the light is either off or white in color.
  • It will usually flash every time you press the remote to change the channel.
  • According to roku.com/lowpower when the device is running on insufficient power, it will FLASH RED light in front of the device.

Note: In case the Red light is not flashing and stands solid red, then it means the Roku device is overheating.

Low Power warning on the TV screen:

  • If your Roku device is running on insufficient power then the following message will be displayed on the TV.
  • “The current USB port on your TV will not power this Roku device. Please use the Provided Roku USB Power supply”.
  • Or you will see a plug picture with a lightning symbol, it means the device is running low on power

 What steps to be taken when the device is running on low power?

go.roku.com/lowpower provides you with the following:

  • Check that you are using the USB cable that was provided with your Roku Device: if you are using any other USB cable other than the one that came with the device, change it to the one that came with the Roku player.
  • Try a Different USB port: Every USB ports have different characteristics. You can connect your Roku player or your Roku streaming stick to a different USB slot on your TV may solve the issue.
  • Connect Power to Power-outlet: use the power chord that came with the device and connect it to the Roku player or to a Roku streaming stick to the power outlet provided on the wall.

Connecting to a power outlet in the wall will give the additional required power for the Roku player. The Roku player will not start every time you turn on your TV as it will be externally receiving power. The Roku player will run much faster than being connected to the USB slot on TV.

Go.roku.com/lowpower will provide you all the details regarding the Power issues on your Roku device.  Visit us at www.go-roku.com

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