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If you have a Roku stick then we bet you will love the new accessories available at go.roku.com/accessories.

This device is so perfect for any TV and gives you instant access to many streaming channels. The Roku mini USB cable connects to any USB port behind your TV. This will supply the power to your streaming stick as soon as you turn on your TV.

Roku mini USB Cable for your Roku streaming stick

• The best thing about these streaming stick dongles is that it can give you access to all your favourite videos and live TVs in a much compact way.
• They have power chord which is long and it connects to the wall power supplies.

Now go.roku.com/accessories has a new Roku mini USB cable

• This cable is many compacts the USB cable you get along with the Roku streaming devices
• Eliminates the need for an AC power outlet: these mini chords help you avoid all those long strangling USB chords. You can directly connect it to your Roku streaming stick (Roku.com/link) and to your TV without having to connect to an external AC power outlet.
• The length is so perfect: all the streaming devices need adequate power to run without any problem. Sometimes connecting it to a TV USB port will not provide the required power to run these streaming sticks. But the Roku mini USB will provide the ideal length for powering the Roku streaming stick form your TV’s USB port itself.
• With the USB cable that comes with streaming sticks, it will be a clutter behind the TV.

Since you will have to connect it behind on the walls it will make the walls behind the TV looks very messy with a cluster of wires.
• But when you use the Roku mini USB cable you can avoid all these unnecessary clutters as the length is very small and fits compactly behind your TV.

This mini power cable will replace the USB cable which comes along with the Roku streaming stick which is around 60’’.
• One is a 90-degree connector which can be used if the USB port on your TV is above the HDMI port. The other USB is a 270-degree connector which is shaped in such a way that it can fit into any USB slot located anywhere on the TV.

Visit go.roku.com/accessories to know more details on other accessories that can enhance the usage of Roku streaming devices. Visit us at www.go-roku.com.

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