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How to find Roku link code from TV – Roku.com/link

How To Find Roku Link Code From Tv

Finding the Roku link code from TV is an essential activation procedure to view streaming media on your player. You will receive an activation code on your TV screen.You will receive a prompt to enter the code on the respective Roku website to proceed with the account activation process. Read the blog to know How to find Roku link code from TV

Here are some of the easy ways to activate your Roku player (using the code):

  • Open your web browser and then start typing the name of the website Roku.com/link . Make a note of the code and fill it in the page u see.
  • After you receive the code, enter the code and then click on the Submit
  • You will see the code as you proceed with the Roku account activation process.

Some of the users are not able to accomplish the how to find Roku link code from TV activation process as required due to various reasons. Always ensure that you have an active Internet connection and you have connected the streaming device and Roku TV to the same network

  • Click on the Help button on your remote and you will receive a new Code. Use the code immediately and before it expires.

If you still face issues configuring the device, Login to the Roku account and make sure that the you have linked your account.

You can also go back to your TV and click on the Help button.  Proceed with the onscreen instructions and the new code will be visible on the screen

Rebooting your Roku Streaming Player:

Try restarting your Roku device and the Roku TV. This will reducemost of the errors with finding the Roku error code. It is always advisable to start the setup process again.

Roku Link code gets stuck on the screen

  • Always ensure that you have followed all the necessary steps during for the Roku account activation. If you have not completed any of the steps, it is quite difficult to activation code
  • Try updating the latest version of the software for your streaming player
  • Check if an active internet connection is available. Place the router and your device so that the network connectivity issues can be resolved and you are not stuck trying to find the activation code. Either a wired or wireless connection can be used.
  • Use external devices to check the network connectivity

How to find Roku link code from TV is quick and the easy guidelines which are given in this article. Our network support team is here to provide you guidance and support.  Visit us at www.go-roku.com

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