Enter The Roku Code On Your TV

How To Find Roku Code And Enter The Roku Code On Your TV

Roku players can turn any TV into a Smart TV. It gives you access to loads of different streaming entertainment services. You can connect most of the Roku enter code devices via the HDMI port to your TV. You’ll need to find Roku code and setup the internet connection, once you’ve connected your Roku to your TV, so that you can find and stream movies and TV shows.

Turn to the back of the Roku and identify the ports. Roku models can be different and so can have varied connection ports too. The connection to your TV depends on the ports on the Roku.

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  • HDMI ports are present in all Roku enter code models.

  • The ports which Looks almost like USB ports, helps you to connect to HDTVs.

  • Using the HDMI cable will provide you the best quality video and audio output.

  • Roku devices come with only the HDMI video connection option for video output.

  • Connect the router using the Ethernet port on your Roku device, while some models use only Wi-Fi.

  • The latest Roku models such as the Roku 4 work on Optical connections. The home theater receives audio signals from the device.

  • If you have older version TV then use a composite A/V connector.

    Note: On your TV and Roku, locate the connection ports. Use one of your TV’s HDMI ports For your HDTV’s

  • Find the Ports behind the TV or on the sides and rarely on the panel in the front.

  • If your TV does not have any HDMI ports, but your Roku does, then you may have to use an older Roku code model to connect through composite cables or upgrade your TV and buy one that has HDMI ports.

If possible use the HDMI cable to connect & find Roku code the Roku to your TV. This is a simple method and also provides the best quality streams.

With the composite A/V cables, you have to match the colors on connectors with those on the cable plugs. Check the input labels on the TV so that you can switch to the correct input easily.

Connect the player to a power outlet on the wall with the power adapter included in the package.

  • Turn on your TV. Choose the correct input. Use the remote and select correct HDMI input.

  • You should see the Roku logo or the language menu. If you don’t, then, check if you have selected the correct input.

Pair the remote and the Roku code device and before you select a language, a pop-up will display instructions for pairing your remote.

Select your preferred menu language. All Roku menus will be displayed in the language that you select. Use the Settings menu to change it later.

For the setup process:

  • On your remote, press on OK to select the “Let’s get started” message

  • Continue any setup process you see on the screen.

To connect the device to your network (find roku code):

  • An internet connection is required by the Roku in order to stream video

  • When you click on “Wireless” the device will scan for all available wireless networks

  • Choose yours from the list and enter the password

  • If your network is not visible, then Roku is probably not in range

  • If you have connected through the Ethernet, then select “Wired.”

Software updates and installation

When a new version of the Roku software is released, the Roku player (Roku.com/link) will download and install these updates automatically. While setting up your internet connection, there could be some updates available. At the time you will be asked to download and install them.

After you download and install the new software update, the Roku enter code will automatically restart

Link your player to the Roku account:

  • Before you can start using it activate your Roku

  • You will see a Roku enter code on the screen

  • Open roku.com/link on any internet connected device

  • Type the Roku code from the TV screen and link with your Roku account

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