• Different Roku Error Codes and its Solutions

Different Roku Error Codes and its Solutions – Roku.com/link

Different Roku Error Codes and its Solutions

It is not uncommon to see errors in your Roku streaming player. For seamless entertainment familiarize yourself with these different Roku error codes and its solutions. These codes are nothing but messages that are displayed when your player malfunctions. Resolving these error codes are essential for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Here are some of the different Roku error codes and its solutions.

Error code 014, 019,001 are the common error codes which occur often when you start streaming your Roku device.

Error code 014

  • Code 014 will pop up on your screen if there is connection problems associated with your Router.
    • Check your wireless Network connection, the router and make sure that it is active.
    • If you are using a wired connection, check your Ethernet cable. Purchase a new cable, if the existing one is not working

Error code 009

  • Code 009 occurs when the Device is unable to get connected to the Network.
    • Try rebooting your device as well as the router and check if the error still Persist
    • Remove the device from the Power cord and then plug in back again

Error code 001

Try following the below guidelines if the Error code 001 starts pop up on your screen

  • The initial step is to go to the Home screen and then Press the Fast-forward button. Also, Press the Rewind button X2 and then click on the Software Update.
  • Start connecting to an active Internet connection
  • If the error still Persists, Reset your Roku device
  • Here is how you can resolve the Error code 011
  • Error code 011 is most common when the software update (Roku.com/link) of your Roku device fails.
  • Try using a Router which provides you better signal strength. Start troubleshooting your wireless network and the error codes can be resolved to a greater extent
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