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Crunchyroll Roku is the Best Way to Watch Anime

Crunchyroll Pioneered the Current State of Anime

The late 2000s were a time when North American fans were starting to get into anime and TV series from Japan and Korea. Those were the heady days when pirated content was a way of life in the new internet. That was the only way for regular fans of anime could watch quality content within days-hours of its release in Japan. When Crunchyroll was rolled out in the summer of 2006 fans of Korean and Japanese Drama were excited. Crunchyroll is well laid out and it has become everything an anime fan will need. They soon started to enter into anime and soon become the biggest legal source of anime. All these anime on Crunchyroll Roku are free to watch.

You should read the steps given below carefully before getting Crunchyroll on your Roku streaming device.

You should first get a Crunchyroll account and login into it before following these steps.

  • To watch Crunchyroll Roku you should first search for Crunchyroll on your Roku streaming device.
  • Install the Crunchyroll app after adding it from your Roku store. Your TV will take you to a screen where you will see a Crunchyroll Roku activation code on the screen. You should note this code down or keep the screen open and do not shut it down.
  • On your web browser, you should go to crunchyroll.com/activate. You should then enter the code from the above step and click on accept. Click on the “Link Device” button and you can authenticate your Crunchyroll Roku.

This is not just another streaming website

Crunchyroll is primarily a fan page in which you can watch your favorite anime. You can browse through all the latest series which have been released and read the latest anime news under the Crunchyroll news tab.

You will also be able to buy tickets for the Crunchyroll expo that takes place every year. The Crunchyroll guest passes, as they are called, will allow you to enter the expo, which is a celebration of everything anime.

You will be able to enjoy the cosplays of your favorite characters. Crunchyroll Expo is one anime convention that you cannot miss.

Basic Crunchyroll is an ad-supported free to watch service. If you choose this crunchyroll plan you will be able to enjoy the majority of titles, at a reduced resolution of 480p. There is a premium version of Crunchyroll that removes the ads. Also, it allows you to stream the anime at 1080p native resolution. It will cost you $59.95 and will give you access to Crunchyroll’s large library of anime classics and currently airing series.

What are the shows that you can watch on Crunchyroll Roku

Dragon Ball Super

The story that continues the saga of Goku and the Z fighters as they fight even more aliens and Gods who push Goku and the rest to new heights. You can watch Crunchyroll Dragon Ball Super all episode on your Roku streaming device.

Naruto Shippuden

The story of the young boy who no one likes but becomes the greatest Ninja hero in the known world. Naruto took the world by storm and has since become one of the biggest properties in the world. This series is one of the biggest crowd pullers on Crunchyroll Roku.

Eye Shield 21

The fastest kid on the block gets drafted into playing American football by demon captain who wants to win the school football championship. This comedy series is a must watch for fans of sports anime.

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