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Headquartered in Philadelphia, Comcast Roku Channels owns an international media company called the NBC Universal. They have been producing several feature films and TV shows since 2011 and now have a separate app for themselves in the Roku platform called XFINITY. There are two variants,

  1. Limited basic cable
  2. Expanded Basic cable

Limited basic cable – Comcast Roku Channels

If you are not too particular about the channels that you want on your Roku device, then you should be choosing the Limited basic cable. It is less expensive when compared to the expanded basic and also has limited channels in comparison. Some local channels like ABC, CBS, PBS, NBS and FOX are available on this option of the cable. The local government channels and other education channels too are part of the limited basic. A good thing about the app is that you don’t have to pay anything extra for an HD channel. If you have an HD television at home, then you may watch all available HD channels free of cost.

Expanded basic cable – Comcast Roku Channels

In addition to the limited basic cable channels, there are around 30 to 50 channels in the expanded basic. Channels like FOX News, Disney, ESPN and MTV are a part of this list. Though a little expensive, it is worth the money. Add Comcast Roku channels to your Roku device.

In order to activate the app on your Roku device, visit the Roku channel store from your TV or your computer. Search for the XFINITY app and add it to your Roku account by a corresponding subscription fee. If you don’t already have a Roku account, visit roku.com/link website and punch in your personal details to create your own unique account. You may be asked to key in your card details but will be charged only when you are subscribing to paid channels or when buying or renting a movie.

The personal details needed to create your Roku account are your first name, last name, email address, and a unique password. You will, however, have to confirm that you are at least 18 years of age before proceeding to the setting up of your account. The second page will ask for you to enter your card details such as the card number, the name on the card and the card’s expiry date. Once that is entered, you are all set to add your favorite channels to your Roku account.

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