Can I Move My Roku From One TV to Another – Activation Roku code

How Can I move my Roku from one TV to another Probably a perennial question can I move my Roku from one TV to another, the transition is possible by simply disconnecting the existing Roku device from the TV and attaching it to the new one. All you need to do is to follow [...]

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Find the Features of Blu-Ray Player vs Roku –

Blu-Ray Player vs Roku Features of the Blu-Ray Player vs Roku are not very different. Still, the Roku player leads the roost due to the huge number of unbiased channel choices. Roku media player attributes: Roku streaming media Player provide users with faster streaming options, a simple user interface, and affordable pricing. It also comes [...]

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Know “Why Is My Roku Screen Purple?” –

Why Is My Roku Screen Purple? Call our tech experts to understand why is my Roku screen purple? If you get a purple screen on your TV while streaming Roku, it usually happens when the HDCP content gets disabled or unauthorized. About HDCP: The HDCP is the content protector technology, which is installed on TVs. [...]

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How to Get Internet Browser on Roku –

How to Get Internet Browser on Roku Know how to get internet browser on Roku because when they are relaxing and enjoying their favorite programs, most users do not want to move away from the screen to look up the internet. Now with a few steps, you can surf the web right from where [...]

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Watch College Football on Roku –

How to Watch College Football on Roku Now, diehard football fans can watch college football on Roku. Even the most dedicated cord cutters wouldn’t give up on their sports entertainment. Roku will allow you to watch live games, replays, reviews and a lot more. Setting up the college football channel on Roku is very [...]

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Roku or Apple TV Which is better ? –

Roku or Apple TV Which is better Explore the features of both the devices to know Roku or Apple TV which is better. Roku may seem well-positioned on the streaming media players’ list but competitors like Apple TV are soon catching up. Features of the Apple TV: It is a palm-sized plastic box which [...]

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Use Spotify Roku Without Premium –

Spotify Roku Without Premium You can stream Spotify Roku without premium. Ideally, the channel is free but you might have to pay a premium to stream it on Roku. For users that are not able to pay this premium amount, there are ways to stream the channel inexpensively. Broadly, the features of Spotify are [...]

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Check the Roku 2Xd Remote Codes –

Roku 2 Xd Remote Codes Use the Roku 2 Xd remote codes to control your TV, DVD player and your Roku streaming box. Such universal remote can perfectly handle all your three devices in one go! Keep reading this blog further to understand how this can be configured. Every Roku streaming player is great [...]

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Why Should i Get a Roku and How to Use the Device? –

Why Should I Get a Roku and How to Use the Device Why should I get a Roku? A Roku is similar to your DTH but has the capability to stream videos from the internet too. The device has to be plugged into your television and thus you will be able to watch real-time [...]

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