How do I link my Roku Player to my Account – Roku Code Activation

Process steps to link my Roku Player to my Account How do I link my Roku player to my account? It is easy to link your Roku device to your account in a few simple steps. In this blog learn to create a Roku account and link all the devices to the account one [...]

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How to Setup Your Roku Ultra with The is designed to provide you with guidance for optimum usage of your Roku Ultra. The device made its debut during October 2016 and is one of the best streaming products available on the market. It aims at an excellent and flawless performance. The new version of the Roku ultra has marvellous [...]

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Latest Roku OS Update –

Get the Latest Roku os Update for Your Device The latest Roku os update version 8 has been released by Roku. It is mandatory to update the software and the firmware to get the best out of your device. The OS 8 presents with some great features such as: Updated Voice control Make use [...]

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Play itunes Music on Roku

Trick to play iTunes Music Roku without app Roku has a habit of updating its software every now and then. And this happens without interrupting your streaming experience. Therefore, you get the best output at any given point in time. To better your Roku experience, you can now stream content from your iPhone or [...]

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