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Can I Move My Roku From One TV to Another – Activation Roku code

How Can I move my Roku from one TV to another

Probably a perennial question can I move my Roku from one TV to another, the transition is possible by simply disconnecting the existing Roku device from the TV and attaching it to the new one. All you need to do is to follow some of the quick and easy guidelines that are provided on our website.

  • Start identifying the ports where the existing Roku device is connected. All Roku models have HDMI ports. You can identify the correct Port and start disconnecting the device from the Port
  • Remove all the connections like Network cables, Ethernet cables and a few more
  • To know more, you can click on the Link provided on the website that will give you instructions and guidelines about “can I move my Roku from one TV to another

Connect the Roku Device to the New TV 

  • The initial step is to find the respective Connection Ports on your
  • Before you insert the cables, check that both your Roku device and the TV have HDMI ports
  • Start inserting the cables to the respective Ports. Always try using the genuine and good quality HDMI cables
  • In case if you are connecting the device via the A/V cables, check that the Colors on the cable plug and the colors on the connectors match each other
  • Start connecting the device to an active network connection as the next step in connecting the device

For a wired connection

  • For a wired connection, you can use an Ethernet cable and for a wireless connection, start choosing the wireless network settings that are available
  • Connect the device to the Power outlet by using the Power adaptor
  • Start inserting the batteries to your remote
  • Turn on your new TV and start choosing the correct input button. A Roku device logo will appear and if you are unable to find the logo, Check the cables, Input and output connections
  • Start pairing the remote with your Roku device, select the language when prompted
  • Press the OK button on your remote to start the setup process
  • Choose the required wireless connection, either wired or wireless and start scanning for the available networks
  • If you prefer wired connection, start choosing the Ethernet connectivity settings, follow with the onscreen prompts ( Activation Roku code )
  • Your Roku device is connected to the new TV

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