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Blu-Ray Player vs Roku

Features of the Blu-Ray Player vs Roku are not very different. Still, the Roku player leads the roost due to the huge number of unbiased channel choices.

Roku media player attributes:

  • Roku streaming media Player provide users with faster streaming options, a simple user interface, and affordable pricing.
  • It also comes with a user-friendly remote that can be used to control TV volume as well as power with the help of the built-in Infrared receiver.
  • Almost all the models of Roku streaming media players (Roku.com/link) support network connectivity options to the Wireless Network settings.
  • Microphones are available on the remote for voice recognition options
  • The Roku streaming stick plus has a powerful RAM and uses dual band 802.11 dual-band ac.

Features of the Blu Ray Player

With these broadly-outlined attributes of the Blue Ray, users should be able to come to a conclusive comparison of the Blu-Ray Player vs Roku.

  • Blu Ray Media Players offer the same services that are offered by other streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Chrome cast.
  • There are around 19 models of Blue-Ray media players that are available in the market today
  • These players are easy to use and have user-friendly and modern interfaces.
  • The device looks slim and attractive
  • It has a built-in WIFI that provides you the best wireless connectivity options
  • Best options like wireless keyboard and Mouse support are available with the latest models of Blu-ray video players.
  • Blu ray disks provide you excellent Picture quality at a resolution of 1080 P
  • Other options like Dolby True HD and DTS HD master are also available to provide you with high-quality video output

The final verdict

Although the Blu-ray player has many advantages, its major drawback is content. You have to feed it with an input which is however not the case with Roku players. The latter survives on a huge database, the Roku channel store. The channel store happens to be the home of more than 4000 legit channels. As a matter of fact, it is only wiser to choose a Roku over any other media device. Apart from these factors, there is a model that suits everyone’s budget from Roku. Therefore, it is always the obvious choice for streaming quality content.

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