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Top and Best Roku Cord cutting tips

Cord cutting tips provide the best ways to watch your favorite movies, news, TV series, games and a lot more without a satellite or cable TV subscription. Use the Roku cord cutting tips to obtain fast and good quality streaming.

Roku Cord Cutting Tips

Live TV options – Access Live TV services such as Sling TV, Play station Vue and Direct TNow. Cable tv subscription is not required to access these services.

Plex server – Install a Plex server that helps you to organize the content. You can also stream the contents from any location.

Good quality router – Use a good quality router that supports the frequency band of 5 GHz. Try not to connect multiple devices to your router as it can affect the signal strength.

Ethernet connection – Establish an Ethernet or wired connection using a good quality Ethernet cable. It is always good to check and ensure that internet has excellent download speed.

Antennas – Use antennas to stream the contents from popular channels such as Netflix, Crackle and Pluto TV. Get an antenna and use it as a replacement for your cable TV and satellite subscription.

Try a test drive – Take a test drive and stream the contents without a cable TV or satellite subscription.

Roku app – Install Roku app on your device. This is another way of replacing the conventional methods such as cable TV and satellite subscription.

Roku Channels for cord cutters

Subscribe the channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Pluto TV and Play station vue that offers a wide variety of live and on-demand shows.

Netflix – Activate Netflix and explore the award-winning series, Movies, and Documentaries. New and popular shows are updated on weekly basis. Choose your favorites on Netflix and have a good time streaming without a cable TV connection.

Hulu – Access the past and current episodes of Hulu originals, movies, kids favorites and lot more. You can also add the premium networks such as HBO and show time to the subscription.

Sling TV- Add the channel to explore your favorite genres namely Sports, comedy, Kids, News, and movies.

Fubo TV- Fubo TV, another popular channel for cord cutters has the collection of local, national and international sports.

Plex – Plex, the streaming powerhouse helps you to organize and stream contents from any location

International Roku channels

You can also watch 20 International Roku channels and explore the live and on-demand programmes.e information.

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