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Midnight Texas : A season held high by the cast! Watch it in Roku com link !

For all the soaps that Roku Com link has offered, the Midnight Texas seems to have a very notorious style of storytelling, teasing its audience by giving them lesser facts and more of the traditional soap elements in abundance! The soap is an adapted one, from the infamous author of True Bloods, Mr. Charlaine Harris, and this soap, just like True bloods has seen an unimaginable combination of a lot of criticisms, and a lot more viewer base! Here in the post, we try to review the season one (Midnight Texas), without any spoilers!

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What’s special in Midnight Texas ?

  • The soap, as said above is a word to word adaptation of the book
  • Hence we understand the necessity for the voice overs and the narrations.
  • But, the sheer amount of the number of times there is a narration kind of brings down the importance of a visual medium at all!
  • We do appreciate the fact that there is a medium to translate the essence of the book.
  • But when it gets over the board that is what worries us.
  • Another major issue we have with the plot is that, there are simply too many plot holes.
  • It is kind of an underestimation of the audience base that the show has.
  • The characters do what the audience would expect them to do.
  • The plot moves in a slow pace, with the most anticipated “twists and turns”.
  • And the attention to details is a skill yet to be found with this soap on Roku.com/link!

What makes Midnight Texas a popular soap

  • Having said all these, there are a few aspects that make the soap an indispensable one in our watch list. .
  • The cast and the acting is the first and the valuable redeeming point to happen
  • Each member of the cast puts into every scene, working as hard to sell the plot that they got.
  • The next thing is the emotion that attaches to the story line itself, and the way director has handled these emotions throughout the scenes.

Midnight, Texas has been one of the most successful soap in recent times in Roku Com link, and we would, ten on ten suggest you watch it!

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Happy streaming!

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