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Read The Steps To Add Roku Remote App For IPad

Control your TV with the Roku remote app. You can now change the channel and control your TV and Roku device from your IPad. In case you have misplaced your remote or you need a second remote, do not worry. The Roku app might come in handy. Roku Remote: Control your Roku TV or Roku [...]

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What Are The Steps to Activate Roku Private Game Channels

Game Lovers can activate Roku private games channels to enjoy their Favorite Games. Create a Roku account; Link the account to your device to add any Private Channel Find the List of Roku Private Game Channels on Roku Neon Party Games Neon party Games, the Latest Channel with the Collection of Simple Games. Download the [...]

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Steps To Activate YouTube com on Roku

The Youtube has almost become an essential part of everyone’s time. YouTube has it all. It can cater relevant content to almost everyone’s need right from entertainment to politics Following are some of the steps to activate youtube com on Roku. Activation Method 1:  First, set up your Roku device with your television  [...]

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What to do when Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV

Resolve the Errors that occur while you Activate Netflix by following these methods. Stream your Favorites on the Netflix Channel without any errors. If you come across an Error Multiple times, the issue may be with your Roku streaming Device Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV when you launch your app or while you use [...]

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