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Apple TV Vs Roku – Best Streaming Device

In this article, we attempt to highlight some features of the Apple TV against those of the Roku Streaming Device (Apple TV vs Roku). If you are very confused about which to choose, read this space to understand which will be very suitable for you.

Apple TV Vs Roku

If you have an iPhone, check out the Apple TV’s setup. The sync between the iPhone and Apple TV happens in a jiffy when the ID and the WIFI information is collected.

The Watch Now feature of the Apple TV is very similar to the Roku Feed. The Roku feed is a summary of the TV shows and movies which get featured. The same happens on Apple TV, except directly.

If you love screensavers, Apple TV gets great and stunning screensavers, when compared to Roku.

Apple TV Vs Roku – The Remote

As far as Remote is the concerned, the Roku’s remote functionality is unbeatable. There are quite a few new features which come with the RokuPlayer like night mode, private listening etc. The Apple TV’s remote fits right into your hand, and controls the TV and soundbar through the HDMI and also the IR outputs.

Apple TV will seem very familiar to iPhone users. You can even use the Siri. Siri’s collaboration with the Apple TV is brilliant. People can use these features for streaming new shows. There is no personal assistant for the Roku.
The Roku has a stream of models like the premier, express and the Roku 3 and 4 models.

Check with the AirPlay feature in Apple TV, which will help you with some really interesting apps and games. The Roku channel store is very similar to the Google play store or the Android store, which helps you download and use the channel apps.

The Roku channel store contains varied genres, with which you can follow your favourite movies, TV shows, and artists. By following your interests, you can easily stream your favourite shows.

Roku is definitely and undoubtedly the best as far as content is concerned. If you want to link your Roku device then go to Roku.com/link. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple TV Vs Roku.

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