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CBS is one of the best streaming channels to watch the programs that can be easily added to your Roku streaming media player. Series like Star Trek, Discovery, and Live sports are some of the latest streaming shows. CBS com Roku can be now accessed from the Roku channel store. Start subscribing to the channel and watch some of the best shows such as the Good Wife, scorpion-like me, etc.

Roku is the first platform to introduce the CBS channel. A subscription is essential to access the contents, the channel offers, current and previous episodes of the shows, which are always on-demand.

Add or subscribe the CBS channel with the help of a Roku account. Go to and follow the instructions and the guidelines for creating an account. Enter the Roku activation code when you are prompted.

If you want to experience streaming CBS on the Roku before you subscribe to it, get a free trial of 7 days that is available and is mainly focused on the customers.

Top shows streaming on the CBS channel

  • 16 prime time shows and their current season are telecast as soon as they are aired
  • Watch some of the famous CBS classics like Blue Blood and Survivor, Star Trek, Touched by an Angel, Twin Peaks, Big Brother, The Price is Right, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Good Fight, Live sports like NFL, Discovery, The Young and the Restless and much more
  • Start watching the special events like the Grammy Awards, Music awards, Fashion shows, etc.

Visit the CBS all access website and you view some shows for free. For a complete monthly subscription, a payment has to be made.

Once the Roku account is created, go to the Channel Store, search for CBS com Roku and click on the Add Channel option for the channel to be added to your list

The CBS channel on the Roku is now ready to use. All the latest Roku devices provide you access to CBS and have grabbed the attention of most of the users today.

Stay tuned now to watch your favorites on CBS com Roku. To know more about the channel and to subscribe it, you can call us on our toll-free number +1-888-269-1011 or visit us at and our network team is here to assist you.

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