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Add New Free Roku Channels

Roku, one among the best streaming device is now here and enables you to watch your favorite programs online. Crackle, Live stream, News ON, Pandora, PBS, Pluto TV, Pop corn flix, Sling tv, tubi tv, Twitch, YouTube, I Heart RADIO,  Live stream, Twitch, weather underground are the top and the best add new free Roku channels now available to stream your favorite movies and the videos.

You can add New free Roku channels by following the simple guidelines below.

  • The first step is to go to the home button on your Roku remote
  • You can now choose the channel up and down button. Select the streaming new free Roku channels option and open the channel store.
  • List of the new and the popular channels will be at the top of the channel store. If you want to know more about the channels that you are going to add, simply press the ok button on your remote.
  • Check that the channel that you are going to add is free. Some new free channels require a paid subscription.
  • If you are a new user and have not created your Roku account yet, Try creating the account first using the respective Roku activation code.
  • Roku activation code will be provided while you create your Roku account.Enter the respective Roku.com/link code by visiting the Roku website.

Installing the Roku channels

While you install the Roku channels to your device, the channels will be automatically added under the home screen.

Adding the channels from the web

  • You also have best options like adding the channels from the web if the Roku device is not available.
  • The initial step is to go to channel store
  • Now select my account option and then try signing in to your Roku account
  • Enter the keyword in the search box provided and search your favorite channels. Once you type the keyword the required channels will be visible.
  • Once you add your favorite channels, wait for some time and the added channel will be automatically visible.
  • Add your favorite channels now and then start watching the best shows which are available. Try launching the Roku mobile app and then tap on the channel icon from the navigation bar. Choose the channel store from the channel tab option .you can now browse the channel store and add new free Roku channels.

To know more on how to add your favorite channels, visit our website at www.go-roku.com .we have the best network support team here to assist you anytime.

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