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How to add Kodi on Roku – Roku.com/link

Activate Kodi on Roku

There is no direct way to stream Kodi on Roku in the United States. The method that we are going to suggest is technically not illegal but just an indirect method for making Kodi possible. In order to complete this setup successfully, you will need the help of the following devices:

  1. Your television set
  2. Roku media player (any model)
  3. Mobile phone (Android or Windows)
  4. Wi-Fi network

Source the Kodi free for your Roku player without paying for any subscriptions. Kodi is free because it earns through sponsorship which it receives from advertisers.

Successfully setup Kodi your streaming device

Now, coming back to the setting up of the Kodi on Roku. We are suggesting the most basic technique here called screen mirroring. The process involves several steps:

  1. Connecting the Android or Windows smartphone to your Roku device using a Wi-Fi
  2. Download the Kodi app in your smartphone
  3. Enable screen mirroring both on your smartphone and on your Roku media player
  4. Play from your phone or use your Roku remote to navigate for further options

Why do you need a wireless network to connect the mobile with the Roku device? Because, you may be unable to establish the screen mirroring connection for Kodi via a wired connection.

Locate the Kodi app in the app store of your respective mobile devices and download the same on your device. Kodi is an open source and no one will ask you any money for it. The screen mirroring setting varies between each model and it would be wiser to look into your manufacturer’s website to gain some more insight into this. Once you accomplish all these connections, it is time for you to start streaming Kodi on Roku on your television screens without any hurdles.

What can you watch on Kodi?

The contents of this channel varies from time to time. For instance, you can stream local live TV and at the same time stream international content. The channel likes to keep changing what they offer and you will always end up loving it. Make use of an external music system and better your movie streaming experience.

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