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Activation Roku Code – Enjoy non-stop high quality entertainment

The Roku (activation roku code) is a household name in the streaming player industry. The company is constantly coming up with innovative products and improvements of their existing ones to suit every customer requirement. Each year, you can expect something new from the Roku.  The Roku’s 1080p streaming device is the most inexpensive gadget and is portable. Besides, it also supports HDR, HDCP and is compatible with 4K UHD TVs. With amazing Dolby surround sound, the Roku always has something to offer.In the end, it is an electronic device that is susceptible to issues. While most activation Roku code problems are man-made there are some, which can cause troubles but potential solutions are always available.

Roku remote issues: There are different types of remotes for different Roku devices ( There is the simple IR remote and then there is the ‘point-anywhere’ remote. Usually, you will find difficulty connecting the remote to the activation Roku code procedure or the connection just drops.

There are some simple solutions you can achieve:

  • Check if the batteries in the remote are dead. Most likely, the remote batteries have to be replaced.

  • If you feel that the connection is dropping, clear settings and try pairing the remote again

    • Unplug the player
    • Remove the batteries from the compartment
    • Press and hold ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons
    • Then, press the pairing button in the battery compartment while you are still holding the above buttons
    • The pairing light should now flash indicating readiness
    • You should now be able to proceed with the activation Roku code task

For audio problems when you are watching a video:This problem has been reported mostly by Roku Ultra owners. The issue is an emergence of wrong settings. Set the audio mode to Dolby Digital if you are using the S/PDIF or optical cable for the audio output.

Note: To configure go to ‘Audio’ and then ‘Settings

activation roku code

Most often, the issues can be easily resolved during the activation Roku code setup itself. The Roku setup process is one of the most uncomplicated activities. The steps generally never change. But just for our users’ convenience here it is once again:

  • Plug in the Roku device to the HDMI port on your TV

  • Power it up and wait for the ‘Home’ screen to appear

  • Set your language and allow the device to connect to a network

  • Pair your remote and enter the activation code Roku

  • Your device is now ready to use

Once you have completed the Roku activate link. Enjoy unlimited entertainment on your Roku player.Visit