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HGTV com is Now Available on Your Roku Player – Roku.com/link

How To Activate HGTV Com Roku Channel

The Roku device provides users with lots of free and subscribed channels. Besides. You can also add HGTV com Roku to view some of the latest and most popular shows available on the Roku player.

We all know and agree that Roku is the best streaming media player in the world. How many of us use this device to just stream movies and TV shows? I bet it’s more than half of the Roku user population. Most of you are unaware of the fact that you could cook your own meal by watching live cooking shows on your Roku. And also listen to music, play games and follow fitness regimes. The best part is, most of these channels either don’t cost you much or don’t cost you at all. One such channel available on the Roku channel store is the HGTV com Roku. This channel deals with your home, in the literal sense. Live TV and on-demand show that better your home architecturally is what you can expect from the HGTV.

Some popular shows that people watching them already are benefitting out of are,

  • Fixer Upper
  • Flip or Flop
  • Property Brothers
  • House Hunters
  • The Farm

This home improvement shows better the outlook of your homes with simple and elegant tips that anyone can easily follow. The channel was launched nearly two decades back and still, happens to be a very attractive channel for households across the nation. Its sister concerns are the Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Food network, Great American Country and Travel Channel.

How can you watch this channel?

Like we mentioned earlier, you could make use of your Roku player to watch the HGTV com Roku in your TV. The channel can be added as a stand-alone channel from the channel store or can be part of other streaming media such as PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and DIRECTV Now. You can add the HGTV channel from your TV or be using your Roku account (Roku.com/link)

Using your TV:

After switching on your TV sets, go to the home screen and select the Roku channel store. Now, use the search box to search for the particular HGTV channel. Once the results get loaded, choose the appropriate channel and click on the Add Channel option. When added as a standalone channel, you may have to pay a separate subscription fee towards the channel. The payment however can be made via Roku.

Using the HGTV com Roku account

Alternatively, add the HGTV channel directly to your Roku account. For this, you will need to access your Roku account from another device such as a pc/laptop or a smartphone. Once logged into your account, you can access the channel store and add this channel to your account.

Viola, you’re all set to watch some coveted home improvement shows on your TV now. For more information chat with us at go-roku.com

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