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We are a premium site, assists users in using their Roku streaming device hassle free. helps its users to setup, activate and troubleshoot their devices with the help of an expert team of customer support executives.

The setup process for this device is an easy one when you follow the steps given on our website. Our website’s representatives are trained professionals and will be able to help users either during setup or troubleshoot any model of Roku. All it needs is a good speed Wi-Fi connection and also power by the new Advanced Roku Remote. This remote helps users to launch and also control content with the help of voice commands. More information is present in roku help guide and also in roku support forum.

Roku is the most cost effective streaming device found in today’s market. You will be able to enjoy more than 4000 apps and games and other channels on this amazing device. Watch channels like Netflix, Amazon video, HULU, HBO NOW, YouTube, Disney and ESPN; some of which may require a subscription from the user’s end. Moreover, you can contact our website for assistance in adding free channels or subscribing to your new favorites.

All you need to know about Roku

An introduction to Roku activation code – Roku is the most popular streaming media player in recent days: The Roku device downloads media content from the internet and streams it onto your TV. It is a one-stop entertainment solution for streaming all your favorite TV shows and Movies! Being the most used entertainment streaming player, Roku is well known for the varied entertainment genre it presents to users!

Types of Roku

There are many types of Roku devices available in the market such as:

  • Roku streaming stick – This is portable and comes with a excellent powerful lightning quick quad-core processor
  • Ultra – produces stunning 4K and HDR images
  • Express – at a low price, it makes 1080P streaming very easy
  • Express + – its versatile compatibility turns older television sets into Smart TVs
  • Premiere + – comes with an advanced + enhanced remote and produces brilliant 4k HD picture quality
  • Premiere – extremely easy to use, besides producing amazing picture quality

You are at the right place for Roku Activation & Setup!

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Unique Features of various Roku models

Roku Express


Roku Express is one of the earliest models of Roku. It is compatible with both older television sets and the latest 4K televisions. Providing maximum quality outputs of about 1080p, these devices are also cost-effective against the wide variety of entertainment that the Roku player has to offer. With a Dolby surround sound that produces a theater effect, you can also take advantage of the “private listening” mode using your headphones connected to an audio jack in the player’s remote.

Almost all Roku players are lightweight and portable and the Roku Express is no exception. Weighing a mere 1.3 ounces, it can be carried in your bag wherever you go. All you need is an internet connection to stream endless movies, TV shows and also games. They are also supported by the WEP, WPA and WPA2 networking protocols. You can also transfer data from the internet to your TV at lightning speeds. Besides, all these commendable features, the Roku Express is one of the best devices to bring home.

Roku Ultra


This is a top of the line roku product. Measuring about 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm in size larger than the Express and Express+. Besides, Roku Ultra is the best of the Roku Products with all the bells and whistles. Roku ultra comes with a USB and MicroSD slots this helps the users to not only watch the movies and channels by streaming them it also helps them to watch their own personal pictures and videos. It also plays MP4.

With HDMI and Optical output roku provides Dolby digital sound quality.It also comes with private listening and night listening mode. Headphones can be connected into the remote for the private listening. Roku Ultra has other cool features like gaming button, lost remote locator and also voice search option. It also has the RF technology. (Remote doesn’t have problem accessing the box even when it is not in the line of sight)

Roku Device Setup through roku com link and Things you will need

For Roku Activation , please visit or

You need to have the following before the Roku setup process:

  • Roku device works on electricity. For Roku device you would need power outlets, HDMI cable and a good speed internet connection. Certain roku devices have wired Ethernet connection and wireless connections and certain have just the wireless connections.
  • You should have an appropriate video cable to connect your Roku with your Television. Roku is a streaming device. So the Roku player must be connected to your home TV for the streaming via the internet. You can also use the HDMI cable to connect the Roku streaming player with your home TV.
  • It is also important to have a fast internet connection.
  • It is necessary to have fast internet connection for quality and performance of Roku device. If your network doesn’t provide good strength, it would create problems for your entertainment with Roku streaming player.

To watch your Favourites Channels on the above list of Roku streaming Devices, a roku account is essential. Create an Account First and then sign in.


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