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 Go.roku.com/rss – Roku.com/link (Roku activation and Setup)

Activate your Roku device online at go.roku.com/rss and Enjoy watching your Movies, Channels and Shows ( Roku.com/link ).

Roku (go.roku.com/rss) is a streaming device which helps you watch your favorite channels from the comfort of your home. However the Roku setup process can sometimes be very challenging. There are many roku users who face these challenges on a daily basis due to lack of understanding of how to setup these devices. It is important to understand these devices and the process of setup to use Roku product at it maximum capability. In this website we will help you understand it better.

Roku Comes in the following Models

  • Roku Express (go.roku.com/express)

  • Roku Express +  (go.roku.com/expressplus)

  • Roku Streaming Stick (go.roku.com/rss)

  • Roku Premiere (go.roku/premiere)

  • Roku Premiere+ (go.roku.premier plus)

  • Roku Ultra (go.roku.ultra)

  • Roku TV

  • Older Models : Roku 1, Roku 2,Roku 3 and Roku 4

You are at the right place for Roku Activation & Setup!

If you are having anyone of the models above and you are facing problems during roku setup and activation using
www.roku.com/link website
you have reached the right site for help.

Unique Features of various Roku models (roku.com/link)

Roku Express/Roku Express+ :  Go.roku.com/Express+


Roku Express and Roku Express+ is a upgrade of Roku 1. They roughly measure 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8mm in size with a modern look.Both these models use faster processor than the predecessor.Roku Express+ is backward compatible it works with older television and also with the HDTV and it converts your older TV into a smart TV. Both these models use Dolby pass for audio.Roku Express+ Remote uses basic IR blaster and hence the streaming box needs be in the line of site. Mobile apps can also be used instead of the remote.

Roku Premiere/Roku Premiere+ :  Go.roku.Premiere+

enter activation code roku

This device of Roku measures 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm size much larger than the Express and Express+.Roku Premiere uses a Quad core processor and is much faster than its older model of Roku 2 and it also supports 4k streaming with a much faster wireless connectivity.Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ uses  Dolby Pass for audio output.It also provides support for Night listening mode (In a night listening mode unexpected load noise cancellation happens).Roku Premiere+ is the one of the Roku top of the line models. It supports both Ethernet cable and dual band WiFi connectivity.Roku Premiere plus has MicroSD card slots.Your Personal  videos and Photos can you viewed in your television in High definition quality.Roku Premiere+ also provides an additional feature called private listening mode(The Headphones can be connected to your remote for private listening so that no one can get disturbed).Roku Premiere+ Remote uses RF technology.

Roku Ultra :  Go.roku.com/ultra

This is a top of the line roku product. Measuring about 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm in size larger than the Express and Express+.Roku Ultra is considered as the best of the Roku Products with all the bells and whistles.Roku ultra comes with a USB and MicroSD slots this helps the users to not only watch the movies and channels by streaming them it also helps them to watch their own personal pictures and videos. It also plays MP4. With HDMI and Optical output roku provides Dolby digital sound quality.It also comes with private listening and night listening mode.Headphones can be connected into the remote for the private listening. Roku ultra has other cool features like gaming button,lost remote locator and voice search option. It also has the RF technology.(Remote doesn’t have problem accessing the box even when it is not in the line of sight)

Roku Player Setup and Things you will need

You need to have the following before the Roku setup process:

  • Roku (go.roku.com/rss) works on electricity. For Roku device you would need power outlets, HDMI cable and a internet connection. Certain roku devices have wired Ethernet connection and wireless connections and certain have just the wireless connections.

  • You should have an appropriate video cable to connect your Roku with your Television.  Roku (go.roku.com/rss) is a streaming device. So the Roku player must be connected to your home TV for the streaming via the internet. You can use the HDMI cable to connect the Roku streaming player with your home TV.

  • It is important to have a fast internet connection.

  • It is necessary to have fast internet connection for quality and performance of Roku device. If your network doesn’t provide good strength, it could create the problems for your entertainment with Roku streaming player (go.roku.com/rss).

How To Setup Roku (Using Roku link code – go.roku.com/rss)?

  • Find out whether the audio/video connection type available in your TV is HDMI, Component or composite type.

  • Connect your Roku streaming player to your TV by using HDMI cable if your TV supports HDMI. If doesn’t support HDMI use composite cable

  • Search HDMI port in your TV

  • Insert one end of HDMI cable into your Roku streaming player

  • Now insert second end point of your HDMI cable into your TV

  • After the previous step, connect the power connector to the Roku streaming player and insert the power adapter into the wall outlet

  • Now pick up your Roku remote

  • Open battery cover of your remote

  • Insert the power batteries into your Roku remote which come with the  Roku streaming player

  • Make sure to always insert the batteries from the (-) side

  • Turn on your Roku streaming player

  • It will show you the start up screen with Roku logo

  • If the Roku logo does not show up on your screen

    • Check if your power connection and power plug, is working properly or not?
    • Check to see whether you selected the correct input source
    • Check if your HDMI cable connected properly to your TV and Roku player
  • After this  select your appropriate language

  • After selecting your language, wait for the next page to load up

  • Roku streaming player search for wireless network which is provided

  • It will show you the message box with some text like;

    • Wireless scan
    • Looking for wireless network
  • Find out whether you have a wired network or wireless network.

  • Wired network requires a physical cable connection to the Roku player, whereas wireless connection just needs a user name and password.

  • Roku player automatically downloads and installs  the latest software.

  • Once software installation is over, the Roku Player will  reboot.

  • It restarts and displays a start up screen

  • Open a computer and type the URL www.roku.com/link

  • Now enter the Roku activation code displayed by the Roku player in roku.com/link and click submit.

  • Create a new Roku account using the Roku activation code.

  • Login and setup a payment method.

  • Channel customisation can also be done at this point.

  • Roku will refresh and will display a congratulations screen.

  • Now your Roku player is ready to use.

  • For additional support on Roku setup, Roku activation and for other technical support on roku.com/link call us :+1-888-269-1011

Do you know about HDCP? – (go.roku.com/hdcp)?


HDCP refers to High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, which protects the digital copyrighted content which is transmitted from the device to the TV, generally through HDMI or DVI connections.  HDCP is generally required to stream channels like Netflix as a bridging device which is connected to your TV. It is apt for protecting and also eliminating the intercepting of digital data midstream between the display and the source. HDCP is excellent in keeping piracy at bay which is constantly involved in producing copies of high-quality copies of films and TV episodes between the TV and the streaming device.

It is quite a normal practice for content creators to protect their content, as loss of content through piracy leads to huge losses. Realizing the importance of HDCP, you find HDCP everywhere now in Blu-ray players, satellite TV receivers, cable boxes, and streaming video hardware like the Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. You also find it built in computer hardware, DVRs, laptops and other modern HDMI devices.

A common myth is that a new television set or an upgraded audio-video receiver should be purchased to solve the HDCP issue, which is quite unnecessary. The only requirement would be, is to purchase a new HDCP-compliant device

Many users find some of the unauthorized content disabled on the Roku, and look out for tips to help them fix it so they can stream their favorite shows on their roku player. In this case, we would suggest you to follow these steps for helping you stream.

  • Restart both your Roku player and your TV after you have disconnected them both from power for a minimum wait time of at least 10 seconds.
  • When you restart your device, you are giving it enough ability to connect to service.
  • After the devices have been restarted, give it a one-minute time to attempt such a connection. After the required time has passed, the roku player automatically connects to your home network, thereby allowing you to access Netflix.

Once the above step is completed, check if your issue is solved. Or else, try these following steps.

  • Ensure to check your hardware connections. The issues may also lie with the hardware compatibility.
  • Check the condition of your HDMI cable.
  • Ensure to bypass receivers or stereo equipment for connecting your device directly to your TV.
  • Reverse the ends of the HDMI cable or alternatively try a new cable.
  • Try another HDMI port on your TV.
  • If available, try HDMI port on another TV.

We hope you found this article useful. Be tuned into this space, for more articles coming your way.

How to activate your Roku account (www.roku.com/link)?

enter activation code roku

Roku is a extraordinary device to have if you are looking to stream your favorite movies ,TV shows,songs on demand etc. It is worthwhile to spend some time to understand all the feature and service offered by Roku to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Steps for Roku.com/link account activation:

Roku.com/link account activation

  • First open a web browser in PC or laptop.

  • Then enter the URL www.Roku.com/link in it.

  • Enter the Roku Activation code in it when you see the page.

  • Create an Roku account If you don’t have one.

  • For new users;

    • Select “create new account”
    • First name and last name needs to be entered along with your Email address.
    • Enter the password
    • You need to verify password
    • You need to create a PIN now.
    • Choose the payment method.
    • You will have to provide the credit card details.
  • Roku channel store can you used for purchasing channels in the future.

  • Your card will only be charged if you decide to purchase a paid channel.

  • If you are facing any problems during activation feel free to contact +1-888-269-1011
    or visit www.go-roku.com. We will be glad to help you in setting up your Roku streaming device.

Issues faced during Roku setup at www.roku.com/link

No Signal in the TV: The TV doesn’t show the Roku Screen

  • Check to see whether your Roku device is powered ON. In some cases the power connection is faulty or the Roku device power plugs are not connected firmly.

  • There is loose connection between the HDMI/COMPOSITE cable and your television. Check to ensure that the connection of this cables are firm.

  • Select the right component to which the Roku device is connected. Use your remote to see whether you have selected the right input source. You could have connected the Roku streaming device in HDMI and your input source selected in your TV could be pointing to something different.

Internet Connectivity Issues: Wireless internet connectivity

  • Wireless name not found
  • Wrong password
  • Internet connectivity not found
  • Check to see the W/L network name in back side of the Router. Make sure that you are selecting the correct Network Name.

  • Check to see whether the password entered is for the correct  WiFi network . If not check SSID (password)  which is on the back side of the Router.

  • If you are still not able to connect perform a power cycle. Power Cycle procedure explained below under the wired internet connectivity.

Internet Connectivity Issues: Wired internet connectivity

  • Not able to see the wired connection

Power cycle Procedure :

  • Remove the Ethernet cable between the Router and the wall socket.

  • Switch off the Router

  • Re-insert the Ethernet cable again to the router and the wall socket.

  • Switch on the Router

  • Wait until the Lights get steady on the Router

roku account setup

Endless Entertainment Choices with Roku Account Setup

In the olden times, watching a movie was an arduous task. You had to order a DVD online, wait for it to arrive and stay put for weeks till you actually got into the mood to watch it.

Then one day, there was a revolution called the Roku (roku.com/link) – the original streaming player was invented. You can now watch what you want, when you want – instantly. Millions of people got access to over 300 channels which featured shows and movies that really interested them. Roku (roku.com/rss)  makes everything happen so easily. Not only is it fast, it is also affordable and there is always something new to delve into.

Error Codes in Roku & Fix:

ErrorCode Fix
Error 001 Check to see the distance between router and the Roku (go.roku.com/rss). It is preferable to have the distance between them not more than 15-20 feet. Certain routers have larger wireless range in those cases it can be more than 20 feet. If you encounter this error Move the router close to Roku device.
Error 011 & 014 This is typical due to Wrong W/L password.
Error 003 & 009 Multiple devices is connected to the network and hence the bandwidth of internet is being is shared and the roku device is not getting the right bandwidth of internet for its performance. ROKU (go.roku.com/rss) requires 4 mbps speed minimum. You might have to remove certain devices from your network. This happens very rarely.

General Issues :

Issue Solution
Login Issues Users who have Roku account sometimes are unable to login to their accounts due to incorrect information, wrong website link or some other technical error. In that case contact www.go-roku.com (go.roku.com/rss). Our agents are available 24*7 to assist you.
Roku Link Code Issues Roku link code is displayed on your TV screen when you attach the Roku device. Sometimes the Roku link code doesn’t appear, or you will need a new code, or during activation process the server is giving an error message indicating that the code is incorrect, and it is activating the device. Online agents from www.go-roku.com can help you in sorting those issues.
Playback Issues This is a very common issues. Many times the streaming of movies or shows is not happening or it is of very poor quality or the Roku freezes and needs a reboot or playback takes too much time to load due to its sluggish speed, or it doesn’t play(showing a blank screen), in these kind of situations contact online support for clarifications.
Update/Upgrade Roku Roku devices (go.roku.com/rss) needs to be update and upgraded regularly for proper functioning of the streaming player. During the setup process, when the Roku gets connected to the TV it starts to update the firmware this is important for Roku activation process.
Contact Go-roku Online Adding your favourite channels or facing issues while adding Channels like Netflix, Hulu plus, Pandora etc.

For any type of roku support or services reach us at www.go-roku.com or call us at +1-888-269-1011.

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Additional Info:

Roku  is a Japanese word which means the number “six”. Roku (go.roku.com/rss) was launched in 2008, with the idea to stream Netflix movies and shows directly to the TV. Ever since then Roku has been rated as the most affordable and best device for entertainment (Netflix). It has been a fore runner in the streaming player industry and also has a cool design and extremely durable. It is known for its innovation technology. With the Roku device, you wide array of TV channels to choose from in which some are free but others are paid. The device provides users with a HD video quality and uninterrupted streaming. You can enjoy watching your favorite High definition channels in fraction of the cost. With the access to lot of movies and TV episodes on your own demand. This device is an extraordinary choice for both free and subscription channels . You can access many popular apps like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Netflix. HULU plus, Now TV, Amazon instant video, WWE network, HBO and many others. It gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the channels you want. When using Roku you will experience superior streaming, remote home video management, and storage solution.

Disclaimer :

Go-roku.com is an third party autonomous company not affiliated to Roku.com/link. We provides help and aid Roku customers during Roku activation Process related activities. We don’t provide any warranty for the product.Visit us at www.go-roku.com  for extensive guide and information on Roku related products.